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75 Catchy Washing Machine Slogans

The invention of washing machines have replaced many hours of manual washing. These catchy washing machine slogans from existing companies serve as the perfect example to the types of ways these new technologies are promoted to households.

A happy relief – Every laundry day.
A new beginning. A clean start.
A tradition of quality cleaning.
Adds brightness to whites.
All steam, more clean.
Amusement park for your clothes.
Both use technology as an aid to economy.
Brilliant performance, washing aglow, stylish quality, consumption low.
Clean clothes for dirty work.
Clean laundry, peace of mind.
Cleaner clothes and efficiency striven, the answer is jet power driven.
Come over to my place, I’ll get you wet, lather you up, and dry you off.
Committed to your health and the environment.
Don’t air your dirty laundry, let us do it for you.
Drop your pants here.
Encompassing excellent and outstanding cleaning, economy and ecology have real meaning.
Energy saving, it’s very ‘green’, my clothes and conscience would be clean.
Extreme Cleaning Solutions.
Faced with such a mighty foe, stubborn stains give up and go.
Fast. Reliable. Affordable.
Feed your wild side.
Feel good about how you look.
Fill it, shut it, forget it!
Fluffing your towels since _____.
Get Steamed Get Clean.
Give your laundry routine a makeover.
Giving you time back for the important things.
Hand washing and caring goes together.
It protects the things I treasure, turning a chore into a pleasure.
It would be just the job, for my dirty mob.
It’s a wash with advanced technology.
Its clear action, brings clean satisfaction.
It’s environmentally friendly, so own one and be trendy.
It’s hard on dirt, and soft on your purse.
Just Right.
Keeping you clean one shirt at a time.
Laundry today or naked tomorrow.
Leave the dirty work to us.
Let’s get it done.
Let’s get wet, tumble around, and dry off, together.
Live healthy. Inside and out.
Longer life for prints.
Make your change for good.
My bills would shrink automatically not my wash – A-riel money spinner.
On your mark, get set, clothes!
Power and gentle action combine to lighten – and whiten – my load.
Put to the test, they’re an automatic winner.
Sensitive material takes sensitive handling.
Shine like crystal.
Simplifying Home and Life
Smell me, I’m clean.
Tap. Clean. Deliver.
That extra special ultra reaction, only comes from Jet system action.
The appliance of science.
The best part of laundry day is Conserving your energy.
The clean you expect.
The futures here ahead of time, energy efficient tough on grime.
The neverending story.
The power is in our hands.
Their clear action brings clean satisfaction.
Things just look better when they’re clean.
Underwear day care center.
Wash more loads of clothes.
Water and energy conservation, enhance a spotless reputation.
We care for the clothes you wear.
We don’t cut corners, We clean them.
We have your missing socks.
Whatever the challenge, whatever the grime, sparkling clean every time.
When your clothes need to stand on their own.
With the features it’s got, it will clean the lot.
You leave it we clean it!
You mama’s dream.
You name it, We can clean it!
Your choice quality comfort.
Your well thought out design means that a quick clean wash is mine.

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