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75 Catchy Award Names for Students

There are many levels and types of awards that can be given to students to celebrate their academic achievements. These catchy award names for students are just some examples to the types of awards you can issue.

Above and Beyond Award
Academic Excellence Award
Academic Star
Achievement Award
Amazing Artist Award
Artfully Creative Award
Aspiring Author
Awesome Attitude
Best Citizenship Award
Best Exceptional Education Student
Best History Student
Best Manners Awards
Best Scientist Student
Big Helper Award
Biggest Smile Award
Caring Classroom Award
Certificate of Achievement
Certificate of Completion
Citizenship Award
Dean’s List
Difference-Maker Award
Enthusiastic Learner
Excellent Effort Award
Fashionista Award
Five-Star Honors
Good Friend Award
Good Leader Award
Good Reader Award
Hardest Worker Award
Helping Hand Award
High Five Award
Homework Hero
Honor Roll
Kind Classmate Award
Leadership Award
Master of Math Award
Math Master
Miss Manners Award
Most Creative Award
Most Improved Student
Most Responsible Award
Most Spirited Award
Most Valuable Player
Mother Earth Award
Music Master Award
Outstanding Improvement Award
Participant Award
Peacemaker Award
Peak Performance
Perfect Attendance
Principal’s Award
Problem Solver Award
Reading Rockstar
Remarkable Reader Award
Rising Star Award
Safety Award
Shining Star
Sight Word Wizard
Spectacular Sportsman Award
Sportmanship Award
Star Student
Stellar Student Award
Student of Integrity Award
Student of the Month
Student of the Year
Sunshine Award
Super Scientist
Super Speller
Teamwork Award
Technology Whiz
The Extra Mile Award
The Kindness Counts Award
The Wow! Award
The Yes I Can! Award
Writing Wizard

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