74 Good Student Council Campaign Slogans

A list of 74 student council campaign slogans to use for every type of environment. These fun and playful slogans will increase your chances of becoming memorable while gaining support.

(Name) The Best, Forget the Rest.
(Name), one name, one legend.
(Name): Because you’re worth it.
(Name) is the right choice, go ahead, raise your voice!
(Name) is the best, forget with the rest.
2,4,6,8 who do we designate?
2-4-6-8 vote for (Name) don’t hesitate.
A Vote for Me is a Vote for You, Vote (Name) to Represent You!
A vote works wonders. Vote for (Name).
Bank on me. Will treasure your vote.
Be a pal, vote for this gal .
Cast your ballot, have you heard? (Name) for student council secretary, spread the word!
Cast your ballot, have you heard? (Name) for student president, spread the word!
Chews (Name) for student council president! (Put gum packages and bubbles on your poster)
Coming Soon to a class room near you.
Count on someone who can count, (Name) for treasurer.
Don’t be a loser, be a chooser.
Don’t Be Hesitant. Vote (Name) For President.
Don’t be shy, Give (Name) a try.
Don’t gloat, put in your vote. Vote for (Name)!
Don’t throw your vote away, vote for (Name) today!
Don’t vote for them they don’t know what to do. Vote for me and I’ll MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE.
Everyone says, (Name) for Prez.
Feel like you should have a say? Vote (Name) today!
For Success Choose The Best.
Free Drinks on me. (Hang over water fountain)
Get fresh ideas from a freshman: (Name).
Go the extra mile vote (Name) for (Position) and I guarantee he`ll/she`ll make you smile.
Got (Name)?
Got (Name)? She does a student body good.
I am nobody.. nobody id perfect.. therefore i am perfect.. vote for (Name).
I don’t just speak the change I make the change.
I know I am a rookie but I am one smart cookie!
I may be small, but I’ve got it all. I’ll fight without rest, put me to the test. Vote for (Name).
I’m small like a mouse, but I’m a power house!
I’m very clever, but not scary. Vote for me for secretary!
If voting for me is Wrong, then you don’t want to be Right!
If you vote for me them you will see what a great Representative I’ll be!
If you want a secretary that is the best, vote for (Name) to sort out the mess
If you want the best, you gotta vote for the best -I’m (Name) and I approve this message.
I’m kind and fair so vote for me and I will care!
Like a good neighbor (Name) is there.
Making the world a better place since _____.
My name is (Name) and I’m here to serve you. Vote for me and I won’t desert you.
Never fear (Name) is here!!
No need to sweat, Vote for someone you won’t regret, vote (Name).
Popularity or brains… it’s a no-brainer… Vote (Name).
Putting a plan in action to assure your satisfaction.
Show me the Money! (Name) for treasurer.
Some decisions in life are just that easy. (Name) for Vice Prez.
Students Need Their Own Voice. So Make The Right Choice.
Take a stand! The results will be grand!
The girl with the SMILE will go the extra MILE!
The write choice for secretary!
Today, the school, tomorrow – the world. Vote for (Name).
Two, four, six, eight! Vote for (Name), don’t be late.
Victoria’s real secret: she votes for (Name).
Vote 4 (Name). I promise I’ll do my best I’ll never stop to take a rest.
Vote for (Name), he’s the man, if he can’t do it no one can!
Vote for (Name), he’s the one, give him your votes, he’ll get things done.
Vote for (Name), the man with the plan.
Vote For (Name) – Common Sense For An Uncommon Time!
Vote for me, (Name) and you”ll go WEE!
Vote for me, a busy bee!
Vote for (Opposing Name) (this is crossed out, but still readable) Vote for (Name).
Vote for the best so you won’t be stressed.
vote for (Name) shes a smart cookie.
Want life to go your way? Vote (Name) today!
We like (Name) yes we do! we’ll vote for her and so should you!
When put to the test, I will be the best.
You’ve seen the best now choose the best, vote for (Name).
Your Education, Your Life, Your School, Our Time Is Now.
YOUR voice. YOUR choice. Vote (Name) today.

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