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71 Adwords Tips that Increase Conversions and Decrease Costs


Here are some of the key takeaways to consider with the following infographic:

1) Finding Focus
In terms of the messaging of your ad, there are several different keywords or concepts your ad can focus on. For example, the ad can be price focused, quality focused, or selection focus. You can also use your ad to focus on things like awards your company/product has earned, or you can choose to focus on providing social proof.

2) Pay Attention to Pricing
There are a number of different ways in which you can show the pricing in your ad to attract your ideal audience. You can attract people by showing the price range, the lowest starting price, or the highest starting price. Regardless of how you place your pricing, it is usually a good idea to mention free shipping, if you can offer that.

3) Small Words Can Make a Huge Difference
Even with a limited amount of space for ad copy, you can still make big changes to small words. You can change these words to different, equally small words to create something that will be more evocative. You can also change the order of your words, in order to emphasize certain small words.

4) Playing Around with Headline Adjectives
Let’s say you’re a contractor. How do you want to convey that you are not only the best, but also the most affordable? You will want to pay attention to headline adjectives. Sticking with the contractor example, you can include words like “cheap”, “emergency”, “instant”, “fast”, “local”, or the name of the city in which you operate. “Cheap contractor available now” is just one possibility for a strong headline.

5) Full Keywords or Partial Keywords
Partial matches for keywords can sometimes prove to be a better fit for your ad than full keywords.

6) Call to Action
Make sure your ad comes with a compelling call to action. Even “Order now!” can work nicely.

7) Pay Attention to Punctuation
Use things like periods, hyphens, or commas carefully and properly in your copy.

8) Landing Pages
Make sure to test your landing page. You can link directly to your most popular item in the category you are you want to advertise for. You may also want to try out different sorting methods across your category pages. Finally, you may even want to consider linking to your home page. Believe it or not, but this is something that can work.

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