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7 Ways to Make Your Email Signature Pop


Whether you have an email to talk with friends and family or if you have a business email to connect with clients and business partners, your email signature is an important feature to take into consideration. Even though most people assume that just your first and last name is sufficient, you can use your email signature to make correspondence with other parties much simpler and effective. Below are some ways that you can use your email signature to your advantage.

1) Creating a Simple Signature
The first thing to remember is that you won’t want a giant chunk of text at the bottom of every email with unimportant information that the recipient won’t be bothered to read through. Instead, just make it simple and avoid the use of different colors, too many graphics, and conflicting fonts. Use your company logo, provide your name, your address, the name of your company, and your phone number. Try to avoid providing your email address (as the recipient already has it in the email) and focus on providing 1 phone number.

2) Keep Your Recipients Updated
If you’re a business owner that owns a company, think about any promotions that you might have around the corner. Your email signature is the perfect place to keep your recipients updated on what your business has going on. For example, if you’re attending a special conference add a quick sentence at the end of your signature stating that you’re attending the conference and add that you would like to see them there.

3) Consistency is Key
Try not to change your signature on a regular basis because this can be relatively confusing to your recipients. Instead, once you develop a signature stick to it and use it until your phone number changes or if your company moves to a new location. People will become accustomed to your signature and they will recognize your emails so by changing your signature, it can make it confusing for other parties.

4) Add Social Media
Social media is one of the best tools that small and large businesses can use to their advantage. Your social media pages can also be a great way to limit the amount of information that you’ll need to put on your signature and it can give recipients the opportunity to check out other sites in your name. For example, add your LinkedIn ID, your Facebook page name, and your Twitter handle.

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