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7 Tips for Negotiating Anything


When you’re trying to negotiate a deal, it can be tempting to compromise. Many choose to take any deal they get, even if it wasn’t the result actually wanted. Scoring a great deal can be tough, but these simple methods can make the process a bit easier to navigate.

1) Practice your assertiveness.
Most negotiators don’t realize how assertive they are during a negotiation. More than half of people cannot even accurately guess their levels of assertiveness. Be aware of how aggressive you are and make adjustments as necessary.

2) Get prepared.
It is almost impossible to score a great deal if you go into a negotiation unprepared. Make sure that you have a specific idea of what you want AND what they want.

3) Don’t be afraid to repeat yourself.
Half of what you say during a negotiation process will be forgotten. Try to repeat the most important concepts of the deal you want to make sure that data sticks.

4) Take time to listen.
If you actively listen to the other parties in a negotiation, you can get onto the same page and often find some leverage. Ask plenty of “Why?” questions. Repeat back what you are told so you understand their position completely. Take notes.

5) Don’t be afraid of the ask.
The party that makes the first move is the one that remains in the power position throughout most negotiations. Everything anchors around the first ask. Pitch below the asking price, whether you’re buying a business, a house, or coffee. That will give you room to move toward a fair price.

6) Build relationships.
A little information can go a long way toward closing a great deal. All deals are based on relationships. Develop a closer relationship and you’ll often score a better deal. Talk about your hobbies. Discuss why you want certain things. When people know who you are, they’re more likely to side with your perspective.

7) Walk away from a bad deal.
There are times when you can’t score a great deal, no matter what methods you use. Don’t compromise just so you can get “something” from your time. Have plans in place before you get into the negotiation process to handle what you’ll need to do if you must walk away.

It can be tough to get a great deal, but it is never impossible. Implement these methods today and you may find better deals coming your way.

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