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7 Tips for Jumpstarting Your Monday Mornings


Do you feel like you get bogged down with a “case of the Mondays” each week? Would you like to make Monday feel as special as Friday? Then here are some ways you can make that happen.

1) Get Up Early.
Mondays feel more productive when you get into the routine of getting up early. When you’re first getting started with this project, try to wake up at 6am. You’ll find that even more productivity happens if you can get up at 5am. Make sure you’re still getting enough sleep to feel energized when the alarm sounds.

2) Walk the Dog.
Walking the dog early on Monday is time spent with a best friend. The exercise you receive will help to lower your stress levels at the same time. Some fresh air and good company is a good way to be ready for whatever might come your way.

3) Eat Breakfast.
About 1 in 10 people skip breakfast as a way to save time. Use some of the extra time you have from getting up early to make yourself a healthy breakfast. You’ll have more energy during the day, while being able to avoid unhealthy snacks to curb those inevitable hunger pangs before lunch.

4) Avoid Email.
If you have an urgent email, then absolutely take care of the situation. Otherwise, let the emails that came in over the weekend sit until the afternoon. Spend your Monday morning working on your most important items for the week. You’ll find your creativity and energy levels are at their peak, making you super productive.

5) Know Your Current Events.
Spend a few minutes to catch up with the news during your morning routine. Listen to the radio as you go to work. Spend a couple minutes during a break to see what is relevant in the current headlines. By knowing what is going on in the world, you’ll be less tempted to keep checking your phone for updates throughout the day.

6) Stay Organized.
Try to keep your home organized each day. Wash the dishes in the morning if you didn’t get it done the night before. One of the main causes of stress on a Monday is a messy home from the weekend. Rectify this situation and you’ll feel better.

Mondays can offer the hope of a productive week. That may not be the same feeling as the hope for a fun weekend, but it can stop a Monday from feeling like a disaster from the moment you wake up.

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