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7 Retirement Announcement Wording Ideas

After spending the last several decades in a career, retirement can be something that is well overdue. The following retirement announcement wording ideas serve as perfect examples to the types of messages you can use when planning this milestone event. These have been used by other organizations and individuals are are intended to help inspire you during planning your own employees event.

[name] is retiring. she’s put in his time he leaves us now with warmer plans in mind. Nothing but lots of “R & R” and taking life slow, at home in the garden or perhaps Mexico.

It is with mixed feelings that we announce the retirement of our beloved and much appreciated [name]. [He/She] will always be remembered as the hardworking, committed, and friendly person. They are a true example to look for and follow. Please join us at [his/her] retirement party which will be held at [venue name] on [date and time] to celebrate their end of service and wish them the best.

It saddens us to announce the retirement of [name]. [His/her] last working day will be [date]. As a tribute, the company is organizing a dinner party on [date] to honor and appreciate an esteemed employee and a great person. On behalf of every one in [company name], I would like to wish [him/her] the best of luck.

There’s a Retirement party for [name] on [date]. It’s sure to be one you simply can’t miss A fiesta with drinks and spicy food. It will surely help to set the mood.

Too quickly the time has passed us by. Now it’s time for us to say good-bye. Please join us to wish [name] the very best as he starts his long

We are at once happy and sad to announce the retirement of [name]. [He/She] has been an outstanding addition for more than [20] years of service and a true inspiration for all of us. To celebrate their well deserved retirement, the company is throwing a farewell party at [location] on [date and time].Please join us to thank [employee first name] and wish [him/her] the best.

We sadly announce the retirement of our dear friend and beloved employee [name], We all recognize [name] for [his/her] unconditional dedication, grace, and congeniality. [He/She] will be deeply missed but we can only feel happy for [him/her] after many years of service. Please join us at [his/her] retirement party to thank [him/her] for [30] years of commitment and dedication and wish them all the best.

The below infographic provides a look at the readiness of Americans when it comes to retirement. Many employees must use forms of strategic measurement and plan design to estimate their income during the court of their career and plan for their standard of living afterwards. Companies that plan for their employees retirement can benefit greatly from this type of plan. The following infographic takes a look at organizational readiness.

Planning for Retirement

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