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7 Realities About INTP and INFP Relationship Compatibility for a Male and Female

Getting along with others and learning what makes people can all e used to help you better your current relationships and spark new ones. When you meet someone, it is often how they act and speak in the first few seconds that determines how the rest of the interaction will unfold.

Using a categorizing system to determine personality types, you can now see how different people will most likely interact. Let’s take a look at 7 realities about INTP and INFP relationship compatibility to better prepare you for future interactions and relationship building.

1. Initial interaction may be bumpy
All relationships start with an initial interaction, and this can sometimes be a little bumpy for these two personality types. INTP personalities tend to look at things with an almost harshly realistic lens which makes for insightful ideas that sometimes come off very strong.

For the INTP personality, they tend to prefer interactions that are based on emotional connection and getting to know the other person. This initial difference in conversational gals may lead things off to a rough start but getting to know the other person will be worthwhile.

2. Help build each other’s views
Since both people will look at the world from a different point of view, this means there is plenty of opportunity to help each other grow with new ideas and outlooks. The INTP outlook on life is driven by logical and rational decisions that look to make things run smoothly and effectively.

On the other hand, the INFP personality looks at things with a more human touch that looks to use sympathy and emotions to get things done. Each person can offer their opposite outlook to help fill in the cracks of the other person’s mindset that will lead to more wholistic thinking for both people.

3. Ability to have meaningful conversations
Just because these two personality types have different ways of looking at things doesn’t mean that they aren’t able to come together and connect in conversation. Both personalities share an abstract communication style which means that both personalities like to think deeply and intellectually.

This similar conversational pattern means that these two personalities have the potential to connect and come up with deep conversations when wanted. These interesting conversations will help to stimulate and grow the relationship as each person offers more insightfulness into their way of thinking.

4. May struggle with clarifying goals
The real test of these personalities is when it comes to a project where they have to work together to get a task done. Both of these personalities tend to be more oriented to look at the general goals and avoid the specific needs that are yet to be met and taken care of.

These personalities are both more inclined to look at a big picture when taking on a project and may tend to let some of the more specific and minute details slip by. For this reason, it is especially important that these two personalities are especially clear when making goals and plans that need specific action.

5. Both believe in improvement
Wanting to keep learning new things and improving themselves as a person is a very common theme among these personalities. There is a similar goal for making things better than they already are that allows each personality to find things that they see problems with and act to make them better.

A shared way of thinking and approaching problems means that both parties will want to try and find the best way to get things done. Learning new ways of doing things and trying to keep improving is important for these personality types.

6. Values may be similar while still conflicting
While both personalities are driven to make a positive change in the world, the way that they plan to go about doing so can be quite different. INTP personalities are more focused on systems and ways to improve business operations to help make the world more advanced and effective in its operations.

INFP personalities also want to make the world better, but they would rather focus on the humanities side of making the world better for people.

7. Shared lack of interest in structure
Both of these personalities are rather free spirits and don’t place much of an importance on structure and organization. If they share a space, it is unlikely that it will be very organized as they like to allow room for flexibility and sudden change in their unpredictable living arrangements.


Both the INTP and INFP personalities have plenty of potential to help each other learn and grow once overcoming some minor struggles. Understanding these 7 realities about the compatibility between INTP and INFP personalities will help guide your future relationships to success.

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