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7 Most Popular Types of Business Degrees

7 Most Popular Business Degrees of 2013

Which Occupations Earn The Most Income Today?

In today’s competitive international marketplace, your best bet to earn a substantial income isn’t from the traditional “JOB” (Just Over Broke) income.

Earning a degree in your chosen field of expertise enhances your chances of landing or creating the opportunity that you’ll value the most.

The following 7 business degrees are the most popular for 2013. These are listed in order of income potential.

1. ENTREPRENEURSHIP – Entrepreneurs earn the most money. Averaging $158,560, will put you in the top 5% of income earners. Very important courses to ensure your business success include, Capital management, Global business and Product development.

2. E-COMMERCE – Today, more than 2.3 Billion people are using the internet. The rapidly expanding International field of E-Commerce will pay you an average income of $127,870. Important courses are: Analysis of information and E-systems, Data mining and Emerging information technologies.

3. MARKETING – The world doesn’t run without great Marketing. As the international grows at a rapid pace, a career in Marketing will place you in the top 10% of earners with an average of $112,800. To become a top Marketer, you should take courses in Finance, Public relations and Statistics.

4. FINANCE – Many graduate positions are available in the area of Finance. These include: Accounting, capital investment, money markets and more. To become proficient in the field of Finance, consider courses in Business Law, Project management and Corporate Finance. The average income for this field is currently $99,330 per year.

5. ECONOMICS – If you’re interested in government policy decisions, international relations or important business matters, then the field of Economics is for you. The average salaries in this important field are $83,590 per year. To become proficient in Economics it’s recommended that you take courses in Microeconomics, Macroeconomics and Public policy.

6. INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS – The world of International Business is swiftly expanding! Many countries such as China, India and Brazil are economically expanding at a rapid pace. The growth engine for this expansion is technology and education. Incomes in this area are averaging $73,570 and growing. Many recent graduates are entering sectors such as government agencies, multinational firms and financial institutions. To join this growing field, it’s considered prudent to take courses in Global banking, Emerging markets and Global outsourcing strategy.

7. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION – Of course one of the most basic areas of interest and widely considered the most important area of expertise, is the fast growing sector of Business Administration. Taking courses related to Business Administration, such as Operations management, Human resources and Business strategy will provide you with the foundation to enter many interesting and exciting careers. Average incomes are currently generating $62,900 to $137,020

Remember, the working man or woman (J.O.B.) is important to the world, but if you desire a better lifestyle, more freedom and the opportunity to become one of the highest paid individuals, then you must become educated in your chosen field. Knowledge is power. Your peers will acknowledge you for your educational achievements and reward you accordingly.

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