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7 Fantastic Project Graduation Fundraising Ideas

Project Graduation is a program that helps schools organize fun and alcohol-free graduation parties. These parties allow students to celebrate their graduation in a safe way. Most parties are held in hotels or community centers and last through the night. While the government does provide aid, many schools still have to raise money to cover the cost of the celebration. Below are some fun Project Graduation fundraising ideas that you can host throughout the year.

Craft Fair

Craft fairs are one of the most profitable fundraising ideas for Project Graduation. If you plan it correctly, you can generate up to $10,000 for your cause. The great thing about this idea is that it’s easy to organize and something the entire community will enjoy. It also lets the community know that you are trying to raise money for Project Graduation, which can really ramp up donations.

Ask the school to allow you to use the gymnasium on a Saturday when no other school activities are planned. Sell booth space to both individuals and local businesses. Charge $50 for an individual and $100 for a business. The key to success here is advertising. You need to spread the word about the fair throughout the community. Before the fair, set up a table and two chairs for each person/business that reserved a booth. Charge $5 for admission and sell concessions during the fair. This is a great way to get the community involved while also helping local businesses.

Senior Cookbook

A senior cookbook is easy to organize and a great way to bring the community together. Ask parents to submit a recipe for your cookbook, organize the recipes and have a local printing company create the book for you. This is a great gift idea for parents who are sending their teens off to college.

Printing the cookbooks should be relatively inexpensive. You can sell each copy for $10 to $15. It may be best to take orders for the books before you print them. Otherwise, you may wind up with extra copies and wasted money.

Online Auction

Silent auctions are great, but an online auction may draw in more participants. The great thing about arranging an online auction is that parents and students never have to leave their homes to participate.

Holiday Dinner Sale

The holidays are the perfect time to sell pre-cooked holiday dinners. If you have the means, you can sell dinners for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter.

This is an idea that may take quite a bit of planning. You need to first decide what you will offer with the dinner. Keep it as simple as possible. You don’t have to offer an entire meal; a turkey, ham or chicken will suffice. Reach out to the local community and ask for donations. A local grocery store may be willing to make a donation of turkeys, hams or chickens. In the very least, they may be willing to offer you a discount. Parents can then submit an order for their dinner either in person or through the school’s website. Have the food ready for pickup at the school on a certain date.


Raffles are the go-to way to raise money for a cause. Because you are raising money for Project Graduation, you may want to raffle off something that will help students survive their college years. A gift basket that includes basic essentials and snacks is a nice idea. Include items like towels, a throw blanket, laundry detergent, toothpaste, soap and other practical items a college student would need. Most of these items are inexpensive, but useful to students. Raffle tickets can be sold in school.

Coffee Cup Sale

What better way to start the morning than with a cup of coffee? A coffee cup sale can help generate money for Project Graduation, and both students and faculty will want to participate. You can find ceramic coffee cups that resemble the same Styrofoam cups you get from Starbucks at the dollar store. Fill the cups with coffee and sell them for $5 each.

Pancake Breakfast

Have an adult member of your team contact local restaurants and ask if you can use their facilities for a pancake breakfast. Charge a fee for each plate. This type of fundraiser can easily generate a thousand dollars for your school’s Project Graduation.

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