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7 Best Travel Tech Gadgets for Business


Top Technologies for the Traveling Entrepreneur

When you are on a business trip where you have to make presentations and network with friends, you have to be prepared professionally. This article highlights some tips that will assist in increasing your level of productivity while you are on the move. When travelling, it is necessary to have access to updated information from your emails, news, flight information, social network, and mobile documents. It would make a significant difference having the right device as you fly. So which is preferred? The tablet or laptop?

The 6 Pieces of Technology that Every Business Traveler Needs

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
The use of a wireless keyboard or mouse would provide the comfort of the office for you anywhere. For laptops, use the Swiftpoint mouse and for the iPad, the Adonit Writer is recommended.

Noise Cancelling Headphones
Noise cancelling headphones are also available. Take advantage of them today. They are suitable for airplanes. Other ear models are portable such as AKG’s K390NC is recommended. You can also try Able Planet’s Clear harmony headphones.

Voice Isolation Microphone
For microphones be prepared for the unexpected. The inbuilt microphone on the laptop might not be easily accessible so you could use a USB microphone that features both voice isolation and noise cancellation.

Book reader applications for your smartphone or laptops can also provide a convenience of reading books conveniently without have to transport bulk materials. Kindle or Nook Applications aren’t for just hand held devices, applications for PCs Google Play and Apple devices are available as well. If you are performing basic tasks like reading emails, eBook and emergency reference materials, the tablet is suitable. If you are making a presentation, you can enhance your appeal with your tablet. The iPad is recommended and affords your convenience of reading books, watching movies, building presentations, and browsing the web.

On the flip side, if you have to access documents like spreadsheets, reports, sales materials, and extensive typing, you should bring the laptop along. It will allow you more access to data and you will have more memory space. The MacBook air is recommended, it has a built in microphone and camera, beautiful screen, and the backlit keyboard. The Acer Aspire S3 is also a nice one as it is light and affordable, weighing less than 3 poundings and costing only $899 for entry level models.

Online Media
Media renting can also be performed through sites like Amazon, Netflix, Hulu Plus, or iTunes.

It is necessary to be well equipped with these devices as they become available because they make your travelling experience a more pleasant one.

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