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64 Facebook Promotion Strategy Tips and Techniques


Strategies to Market Your Business on Facebook

Are you effectively using social media in your marketing plans?

As the biggest social network, Facebook should be an integral part of your marketing strategy. Start planning your new social campaign, with these 52 Facebook marketing ideas.

Fan Feedback

1. Ask questions. Ask your Facebook fans questions, to get their opinions.

2. Research. Your fanbase is one of the best places to do market research.

3. More content. Expand your content with fan created contributions.

4. Content sharing. Ask your fans if they would share your content.

5. Effective sharing. Increase chances of your content going viral, by asking fans to share on a particular day.

6. Fan of the month. Encourage participation by putting your fans in the spotlight. Each month feature a different.

7. Challenges. Learn more about your audience, by asking fans about their biggest challenges.

Effective Events

8. Product debut. Create an event for the launch of a new product.

9. Be a guest. Contact other relater businesses and guest post on their pages.

10. Party. Invite your fans and followers for an online party.

11. Conference. Use video streaming to host a press conference.

12. Webinar. Setup a panel and hold a webinar.

13. Media room. Include a media room for more publicity.

14. Scavenger hunt. Improve fan interactions by host interesting events

15. Challenge. Arrange a joint challenge.

Ad Advantage

16. Take action. Have a strong and clear call to action.

17. Photos. Add a person’s photo

18. Question. Ask a question in your ad, to capture the prospects attention.

19. Targeted. Focus your ad to a specific interests.

20. Geography. Are you targeting a local or global audience?

21. Events. Promote an event through a Facebook ad.

22. Video. Improve click through rates by adding video in your ad.

23. Landing page. Set clicks on your ad to a custom landing tab.

Compelling Contests

24. Reward sharing. Give prizes to your fans for sharing.

25. Spread the word. Increase the reach of your contest by integrating on all social platforms.

26. Join contest. Host a bigger and better contest by working with others in your industry.

27. Favorites. Host a favourite things contest.

28. Reality show. Setup your competition in the style of a reality TV show.

29. Crowdsource ideas. A contest is a great way of finding the best product ideas, directly from fans.

30. Crowdsourced content. Hold a contest to find the best new content and videos.

31. Challenge fans. Everyone likes a challenge. Set your fans a challenge.

Shrewd Sharing

32. Sharing buttons. Add like boxes to your site.

33. Useful links. You should link to outside articles, resources and video.

34. Rewards. Give a special thanks to fans who are always sharing your links.

35. Sponsor. Become a sponsor for a charity contest.

36. Checklists. Give away a free checklist.

37. Contest. Offer exclusive contests for fans, to encourage sharing.

38. Video. Start a video contest, which is more likely to be shared.

39. Face-to-face. Talk to people you know to share your content.

Constructive Collaboration

40. Guest posting. Make a guest post on a client’s Facebook page.

41. Review. Create product reviews for items of interest.

42. Chat panel. Invite colleagues to host panel to talk about the latest news or ideas.

43. Shop hopping. Organize a Facebook shop hop.

44. Featured. Make good use of featured likes.

45. Joint events. Create contests, events and giveaways in collaboration with others.

46. Blog tour. Hold a blog tour to highlight the top blogs of joint partners.

47. QR codes. Promote joint efforts with QR codes.

Ongoing Offers

48. Consistency. Hold monthly contests and events.

49. More contests. Hold a photo contest.

50. Coupons. Offer exclusive coupons to fans.

51. Specials. Create special events to add to your page.

52. Share, share, share. This is the key to social marketing.

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