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65 Catchy Movie Company Names

In the last decade and a half, Walt Disney Pictures has been estimated to be the most successful studio earning $24 billion in total gross revenue. This is followed by Warner Bros, grossing an estimated $23.9 billion. Globally, the film industry earns $65 billion a year with half of that going towards distributors. Distributors are ale to earn 75% from retail distribution which is why they eagerly try to get movie titles on the shelf. The following catchy movie company names are from film production brands that represent some of the biggest names in the industry or are affiliated with other large production studios.

2929 Entertainment
Alliance Films
All-Star Pictures
Anchor Bay Entertainment
Arthouse Films
Artisic License Films
Colordance Pictures
Dreamworks Animation SKG
FilmWorks Entertainment
Focus Features
Fox Faith
Fox Movies
Fox Searchlight
Freestyle Releasing
Gold Circle Films
Halestorm Entertainment
Hammer Films
HBO Films
Icarus Films
IFC Films
Imagine Entertainment
Lions Gate Entertainment
Magnolia Pictures
Miramax Films
Momentum Pictures
Mongrel Media
Morgan Creek
Moviehouse Entertainment
MTV Films
New Line Cinema
New Regency Enterprises
Newmarket Films
Nickelodeon Movies
October Films
Palm Pictures
Paramount Pictures
Picture House
Pressman Film
Regent Entertainment
Relativity Media
Rogue Pictures
Showcase Entertainment
Sony Pictures
Sony Pictures Classics
Spyglass Entertainment
Strand Releasing
Studio Movie Grill
Summit Entertainment
Syfy Original Movies
The Jim Henson Company
The Weinstein Company
Touchstone Pictures
United Artists
Universal Pictures
Vulcan Productions
Walt Disney Pictures
Warner Bros. Movies
Working Title Films
Zeitgeist Films
Zhao Wei Films

Actors and actresses can see money earned from studios for distribution of the movies they were cast in. Depending on their reputation, some of the biggest actors can see $40 million earned in a single year. Johnny Depp has been considered one of the highest paid celebrities grossing $75 million in 2010 and followed by Sandra Bullock at $56 million. The below infographic outlines additional facts and listing of the highest paid celebrities in Hollywood.

Movie Industry Facts and Trends

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