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101 Funny Wiffle Ball Team Names

Wiffle ball may be perceived as one of the easiest games to play as you hit a plastic ball with a plastic bat, however some great strategies can be used to increase the competitiveness in this game. Scuffing the ball before pitching can give you more movement by sanding or filing it ahead of time. Using a hard plastic bat with a wide barrel of 2 inches or more in diameter will give you a better hit. The arm extension in the batters swing is the top key to a great hit. A compilation of wiffle ball team names are outlined below from other existing active teams to help inspire you.

A Case of The Wiffles
Bad Axe Hatchets
Ball Busters
Balls Deep
Balls Out
Balls to the Wall
Banana Slugs
Base-ic Pitches
Bat Attitudes
Beerly Legal
Big Test Icicles
Blood Bath and Beyond
Blooming Prairie
Blue Ballers
Bolton Wanderers
Bomb Squad
Breaking Balls
Brew Crew
Butternut Midgets
Caught Lookin’
Chicago Sky
Chickson Dix
Cleats and Cleavage
Colorado Crush
Diamond Divas
Dirty Divas
Fighting Koalas
Grim Sweepers
Ham Fighters
Happy Dugouts
Heavy Hitters
High Heat
Hit for Brains
Honey Nut Ichiros
Ice Cold Pitchers
Inglorious Batters
Jeters Never Prosper
Leather and Lace
Line Drivers
Making Softball Great Again
Master Batters
Mighty Morphin Wiffle Hitters
Multiple Scoregasms
Nice Snatch!
Nine Inch Males
Odd Balls
Old Enough to Wiff
One Hit Wonders
Pink Sox
Pitch Slaps
Pitches Be Crazy
Pocket Full of Sliders
Ponytail Express
Queen Bees
Rounding Third
Saved By the Balls
Scared Hitless
She Devils
Slapnut Magoos
Smokin Bases
Sons of Pitches
Special K’s
Stickin’ around
Strike Out Mafia
The Abusment Park
The Beer View Mirrors
The Fighting Amish
The He-She’s
The Lazer Show
The Quiffleballs
The Soft Serves
There’s No Place Like Home
Thunder Down Under
Trigger Happy Bunnies
Unfrozen Caveman Lawyers
Victorious Secret
Village Idiots
Voo Doo Dolls
Walk-Off Warriors
Walks With 4 Balls
Weakened Warriors
Wiffle Hitters
Wiffle Squad
Wifflers in Training
Wii Not Fit
Wood Chuckers
Yager Bombers

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