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6 Ways the Marketing Pros Repurpose Content


Different people access information in different ways. This means that if you are only creating content of one type, you could be missing out on an entire audience of consumers. Here are the key takeaways from this infographic.

1) Podcasts Growing in Popularity.
Right now, more than 15% of Americans currently listen to podcasts of repurposed content. This number only continues to grow with every year. Podcasts might not be the most popular way that content is accessed, but there are some people that choose podcasts as their primary method of obtaining information. People that choose to listen to podcasts are also more likely to buy the products that are introduced. More than 60% of podcast listeners indicated that they might buy an item that was advertised during the podcast. This means that podcasts have selling potential you could be missing out on.

2) Have More of an Impact.
The decision to repurpose content is all centered on having more of an impact with the content that is produced. Different people respond to different things. For example, more than 65% of people are more likely to be persuaded through the use of visuals than with just text alone. This means that you can repurpose text content to include visuals to have more of an impact.

3) Infographics Get Views.
Just writing blog content is not as effective as also creating infographics of the information you are trying to provide. An infographic covering the same topics is 30 times more likely to be viewed than a traditional blog. This means that if you are not repurposing some of your blog content into infographics, you will be missing out on views.

4) Twitter Should be a Focus.
Where you should really focus your content repurposing effort is on Twitter. Twitter is a social platform that you need to continually be creating content for. More than 30 tweets a day is the only way for a business to get the most out of this site. That is a lot of content, which means that repurposing is the best way to make your content go farther. Adding a different headline and linking other forms of content can be a great way to make an impact on Twitter without going crazy with content creation.

Recycling your content by repurposing it is something that all businesses can benefit from in many ways.

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