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6 Ways of Dealing with Burnout


Every human being suffers from burnout. Professionals, entrepreneurs, homemakers, kids and elderly, no one is invulnerable to burnout. The only difference is how often one experiences such phases and how severe the phases are.

It is necessary to understand what causes a burnout as that will prepare you to avoid and overcome the phase. Prevention is always better than cure but at times you may not be able to do away with the causal factors and thus you would have to overcome a burnout. In here, we shall first look at what causes a burnout and then how to overcome it.

1) The Causes.
If you do not get adequate sleep, days after days, then you will suffer a burnout. If you fall ill frequently or are not in the best of your health, if you are depressed, stressed, overworked, unappreciated and chasing certain goals without the interest or passion, then you will suffer from burnout.

You can avoid these causal factors or manage them well to avoid a burnout.

2) Telltale Signs.
The problem is that most people do not realize that they are living a lifestyle or are being subject to the causal factors which will lead to a burnout. Here are some telltale signs that would warn you of an impending burnout.

  • Are you irritated at most things around you? Do you feel irritated with your friends, family and colleagues or even strangers?
  • Are you feeling apathetic to things and people around you? Do you have a lack of interest in doing the things that you are doing?
  • Are you perennially tired, drained out of all your energy and gloomy at most times of the day and week?

3) Overcoming Burnout
There are some very simple ways to overcome burnout.

Get adequate sleep. Four or six hours aren’t good enough. An eight hour sleep is what you need. Oversleep on weekends and sleep well during weekdays, take power naps if that is doable and do not let anything come in the way of your sleep.

Exercise as much as you can. There is no rule that says you cannot exercise for more than thirty minutes a day or an hour. The healthier and fitter you are, the better you would feel. Take a vacation, work for forty hours a week and spend time doing things you like with people you care for.

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