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6 Ways to Make Your Hero Images Look Awesome


You have a great image. Now you want that image to create a positive first impression. Here’s how you can make sure that happens with these typography tips.

1) Use a font that makes sense.
A font should be able to blend into the image. Fonts that are distracting take away from the visual impact. Use a bold text to draw attention to your primary headline, but then have your secondary text be modest so you have one main point that draws viewers inward.

2) Keep it clean.
Your text should never be placed over a busy component of your photograph or graphic. That makes it difficult to read and makes the image look cluttered. Optimize your image for the most common screen sizes and place your typography in a central area with a clean background.

3) To overlay or not to overlay.
Some text can be made more legible by giving it a color overlay and shadowing. Other text can be made nearly unreadable when an overlay is used. The best option will always be a dark text on a light background or a light text on a dark background. If that isn’t possible, an overlay could be a legitimate substitute.

4) Eliminate the frame.
Frameless images are called “chromeless” because they extend to the border of the screen without a frame. They won’t have a background either. You just have an image in a large area of white space. It’s simple, but effective.

5) Keep it in the family.
Varying the fonts used in an image can be tricky. Each font takes extra time to render. Fonts that are very different from each other can be distracting. If you do use different fonts, be sure to keep them all in the same family.

6) Be creative.
If your image looks good to you, then it will likely look good to others. Use 3D components. Try some bright colors. Be off-center with your typography placement. Break all the rules if you wish. As long as the text is readable and doesn’t distract from the message, you’re good to go.

Your images can be transformed with the right typography. Make the right first impression by following these ideas today.

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