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6 Vital Characteristics of a Great Leader


The capacity to be a great leader is something that you can be born with or you can develop the traits that it takes to inspire others to follow you. It is important to learn about the qualities that all great leaders possess. Here are the key takeaways from this infographic.

1) Vision.
A leader needs to be able to see what the larger goal is ahead and know the path that will make that possible. Having a clear vision is what all truly great leaders have the ability to see. This involves taking large ideas that seem impossible to manage and transforming it into smaller plans that are executable. Knowing where the journey will take you is the first step and a leader needs to be able to map this out effectively. It is also important for all leaders to be able to clearly communicate their plans with others so that they too can understand them.

2) Humble.
A leader should not be boastful or act as though they are more important than others. It is essential that a leader is seen to have humility and to admit when they are wrong. Those that follow a leader want to follow someone that is able to reflect on their own behavior. This means that leaders should look to get feedback from those that they are leading. Being able to take criticism is a sign of a truly great leader.

3) Self-Aware.
A leader also needs to be able to keep their self in check. This means getting control of your own emotions before you look to control the responses of others. This begins by trying to remain calm and level headed at all times no matter what is coming your way. This is not always easy, but it is important. It takes time to truly understand how to deal with emotions, but in time this will become more natural and is a skill that all leaders must possess.

4) Integrity.
Most people are more willing to work for a leader if they see them as someone with integrity that has high moral standing. This means that you always need to be honest with others and try sincerity. This is the obligation that all leaders have to the people that look up to them. Making sure that you hold true to your beliefs and morals is something that great leaders can’t compromise along the way.

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