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6 Tactics That Make Your Blog Awesome


Blogs are quickly becoming a great way to draw attention to your business or product. Having a blog can boost the amount of traffic to your website and can give your online users the information that they crave most. Did you know that right now there are over 150,000,000 blogs online and that a new blog is being posted somewhere in the world every half second? This means that about 175,000 new blogs are posted online each and every day. With the sheer amount of blogs online you need to know how to make your blog stand out and command attention.

Here are a few powerful tips for your blog that will demand results:

Photos and Graphics Can Enhance Your Blog

You might think that blogs are all about text, but you are making a big mistake if you fail to add photos and graphics to your blog. It is found that articles online with at least one image generate about 94% more views than those that have no images. Online users are simply more likely to contact your business or actually read your blog if some sort of image is posted to give you more validation. Images make an impact and you must add them to your blog. Photos can be a great way to separate text and give readers a chance to break up the information that you are feeding them.

Clean Design

The overall design of your blog and the quality of your posts is what really matters most. You need to have a clean design and layout that adds credibility and enables your blog to be optimized for all mobile devices. If the design of your blog is clean and organized, you will immediately be seen as a credible source by online users.

Unique Voice

The design of your blog might grab online user’s attention at first, but it is your unique voice and writing style that will have them coming back for more. It is a great idea to try and create your blog using a writing style that is conversational, but also sticking to being concise. You want to use short words and stay away from creating fluff blogs that aren’t filled with any useful or meaningful information. Try to let your distinct perspective shine through in the blogs that you create and post regularly.

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