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6 Reasons Why People Buy Products


Selling is considered to be one of the toughest jobs in the world. Very few people enjoy sales and those who do end up earning millions. Most salespeople simply hop from one product to another, trying to do what they can while adhering to the preapproved sales pitch or toying with their own approaches to sell a particular item.

Selling is difficult because you have to convince a person to buy something, to spend money and it is always going to be a challenge if the person doesn’t need the particular product or service you are selling. Fortunately, there is enough information, including scientific data and inferences of innumerable studies and researches, which can help you to master your sales techniques. One quintessential take away from the evolution of selling and buying is that you should stop selling to make selling a cakewalk.

1) Selling Bridges the Gap Between Demand and Supply
It is also the process to get someone accustomed with something that one is not aware of and eventually convincing the person to buy. When a company or a salesperson knows where a particular product or service stands, it can become easy to determine the sales technique. There are basic needs and luxuries, urgency and discretion, products or services with amazing value or a sense of satiation by buying something for a larger cause.

2) Companies and Sales Teams Must Properly Identify
Teams must identify which group or classification would be the most apt for their products or services. Accordingly, one would have the target audience, the preferences of the target audience and consequently one can come up with conversations that would actually be the sales pitches. But it wouldn’t be selling since one is simply catering to the interests of the consumers through matchmaking, leading to a product or service that one would want to pay for.

3) The Consumer is Easily Influenced
Brand value, societal and charitable causes, the financial worth of an item, the utility and durability, colors and the overall presentation of the company, via the salesperson, website, logo, content, marketing, promises, sales or discounts, guarantees and terms; everything will influence the opinion of the consumer. Should a company manage to tick all these checkboxes, nothing can stop it from becoming a big brand. Once a company manages to become a brand, selling is all about staying in the news or advertising in strategic ways. Consumers wouldn’t need any more convincing and thus selling will not be selling but just a transaction.

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