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6 Keys to Awesome Powerpoint Presentations


First, let us define what a perfect PowerPoint presentation is. They say that perfection is unattainable. That is not true. The problem is most people fail to define perfection and thus they chase the ever elusive utopia. A perfect PowerPoint presentation is one that entices the audience, makes everyone in the room understand what is being talked about, sheds light on the key aspects and then drives home the eventual point.

The first step towards such a presentation is to avert a scenario where you would put your audience to sleep. No one likes a boring presentation. The subsequent steps are an attempt to create a presentation that captivates and makes an impression, however long lasting or short lived it is. Here’s how you can master the art of creating the perfect PowerPoint presentation.

1) Let us start with the basics.
Choose a font that is large enough for people to see but not so large that it appears ugly or unpleasant. 30-pt font is a good one to start with. Make it larger if you are presenting it at a large event or a gathering of several hundred people. In a small conference room or boardroom, 30-pt font or a tad greater would do fine.

2) You have to decide how many slides you want to have.
Too few and the presentation will be over before it starts. Too many and you will have a boring presentation. If you have twenty minutes for your presentation, opt for ten slides. Two minutes per slide is a good way to go about it. That gives people enough time to read what’s on the slide and enough time for the presenter to talk about the snippets or facts stated in the slide. Some slides will take less time and some would take more and you will need some time for opening and closing the presentation. Including all that, twenty minutes will be good enough for ten slides.

3) Don’t pile up information on any slide.
Keep only what is absolutely necessary on a slide. Leave the rest for you to talk about or illustrate in other ways. Slides are for highlights and not for literature. Do not use any weird fonts, colors or themes that are irrelevant for your presentation. Of course, if you are a designer or someone in the field of visual arts then you can always toy with creative ways of decking up each slide.

Keep things short, simple and hire a writer to create the content if you are not one.

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