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6 Keys to a Successful Facebook Contest

Facebook doesn’t charge a penny to have a profile and you don’t have to pay anything to host a contest either. The social network has become a popular hotspot for businesses to market and advertise their products. Contests are a very old way to grab the headlines and to amass some traction. Running a Facebook contest can be one of the many options you have to generate some buzz online and it is also fairly easy to launch a contest of your choice. But what is difficult is to conceive a contest that would succeed in achieving its objectives.

The below infographic provides a listing of 15 tips to running an effective Facebook contest to gain the maximum response.
Guide to Facebook Contests

Creating an Effective Contest

You cannot have a contest go unnoticed or get a dismal participation from users among your target audience. You need a contest that can create the maximum buzz. You need a contest that would be professional, look classy yet be in vogue, one that drives people to the business page and there on to the website. The purpose of any contest is to have as many people as you can learn about your product, service or brand. To run such a contest, you need to explore How To Run A Facebook Contest.

Useful Tips and Techniques

How To Run A Facebook Contest is a very simple info-graphic. It has no jaw breaking technical jargon and doesn’t try and preach anything that would be irrelevant or not self explanatory. The guide simply brings you closer to what a contest should be like and what all it should contain. There are some very basic elements that make a contest worth participating. Unless you have conceived successful contests before, it is likely that you wouldn’t be aware of these basics. How To Run A Facebook Contest brings you to the nitty-gritty of a contest, right from the conception stages to post contest follow up and analysis.

Purpose of Contest

Your purpose may be as diverse as getting a few more fans to actually push through more sales by offering gift cards or coupons. Regardless of what you want to achieve with the contest, you need to grab attention, you need a great concept and must be able to mobilize users on Facebook to participate. You must be able to launch the contest, manage it well and should be able to drive home the point you wanted to make. From having the right kind of prize to ensuring that your website and other online presences are interconnected with the contest, this guide will help you with every facet of running a contest on Facebook.

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