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6 Great Real Estate Marketing Campaign Strategies

One of the best investment options available to people today is real estate. The only problem is that many feel like real estate can sell itself. It doesn’t. There needs to be a comprehensive real estate marketing strategy in place for investors to stop on by. If you’re looking to improve your presence, whether local, regional, or national, then here are some proven ideas to begin implementing right now.

1. You Need to Have a Brand.

There’s no getting around it. Whether you’re working on your own in the real estate industry or you’re a large firm, you need to have a brand. Investors, buyers, and sellers will all associate specific characteristics to your brand that they will not associate with you as a person.
This branding needs to appear on all levels. You need to have an online presence, but you also need to have a local presence. Sometimes a strategically placed billboard that features your brand can be just as effective as a strategically implemented PPC campaign. Be full circle and you’ll receive complete results.

2. Do Something Completely Crazy.

When you go to a business networking meeting and companies are giving out swag, does it bore you? Pens, calendars, notepads, and even t-shirts are old, stale, and boring. Forget all of that nonsense because you’ll be wasting your money. It works from time to time, but that’s like saying a 1% conversion rate is great when the rest of the world gets 10%.

Do something crazy. Think outside the box. If you decide that swag is the way to go, then put your brand onto things that people are actually going to use. Having your brand shoved inside a junk drawer won’t do you any good, right? Think iPhone covers, coffee mugs, laptop skins, or even digital downloads instead.

How will you know which options are the best? Simple. Ask people on the street. You’ll get honest answers.

3. Focus On The Value.

We live in a society that demands instant gratification. Without it, any real estate marketing campaign is going to fail at some point. This means you must provide your prospects with a continual level of value in some way. Blogging, video testimonials, or research you’ve completed on a local market are all ways that value can be transitioned from you to a prospect.

The critical error here is that many marketers believe in a fair trade system. The prospect gets something for free, so you should get something for free too, right? Wrong. If you tell someone that a market analysis is free and then ask for their email address, then it really isn’t free. Watch your words carefully and match up what you do with what you say.

Walking the talk goes a long way towards securing new and ongoing business.

4. Be Original.

Many real estate websites look about the same. There’s a few photographs of properties on there, a few agent headshots, and then there’s branding graphics. To stand out, you’ve got to be original and do something that no one else is doing. Because visuals speak more to website visitors today than words, the quality of your images is essential.

Consider turning your listings into works of virtual, original art. If you can provide a unique perspective on things and use creative influences to add vibrancy to your overall image, then your brand will stand out.

5. Go Where Your People Are.

Marketing is only effective if it’s reaching a target audience. That means you may have to step outside of your comfort zone and do something that no one else is doing. You could guest blog on other websites or pay for a YouTube interview, but you could also start a free real estate podcast with tips and tricks to win in your industry. You could get onto Reddit and share thoughts or ideas. You can even offer free real estate investment webinars once or twice per month to engage people.

6. Always Follow Up.

It’s common sense, but this final step is ignored more often than not. You must follow up on every prospect and lead that comes your way. Assuming that someone won’t become a revenue generating customer is a classic mistake that burns many. Revenues often come from the least expected of places, so give everyone the attention they deserve. The moment you ignore one lead will be the moment use lose a huge money making opportunity.

Real estate marketing campaign strategies don’t have to be complicated to be successful. Be authentic, find a way to differentiate your brand using these examples, and you’ll be able to develop a winning strategy that will keep paying dividends for years to come.

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