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6 Best Ways to Start Your Day on Fire


The earth is still spinning at the same rate as it was a century back. But the time we live in has somehow paced up. We still have twenty four hour days but we have to do more in a day and night than what our ancestors or even our grandparents did. In a fast paced world when there is too much to do and too little time for it, you have to be extremely well organized. When there is no time to stand and stare, you have to plan your mornings and nights so you do get the time to attend to everything that you have to.

Here are some smart moves to follow for your morning and evening routine as mentioned in this infographic.

1) Every night you should have a list of things to do.
This list should be for the following day. This list must contain all your commitments so you can prepare yourself many hours in advance. It is well proven that people react better when they are prepared and find it daunting to face unforeseen situations, those that do not have any forewarning.

2) Set things in order before you go to sleep.
Nights are for relaxation and obviously for sleep but before you do that it is necessary that you set things in order. You should prepare yourself for the next day and to do that you can take care of a few simple things. You can set aside the dress you would wear the next day, you can keep all your gear or gadgets in place so you don’t have to be in rush and anything that you think you would need in the morning should be arranged. A hectic morning when you scramble for everything is the worst way to start a day. You should be calm, organized, everything should be within grasp and you must glide your way through the first two hours of every morning.

3) Assess your day.
Every night, you must assess your day. Praise yourself for the accomplishments, no matter how small or big they are, and also forgive yourself for any mistakes that you may have committed.

4) Take time to do something for yourself the night before.
When you wake up in the morning, treat yourself with something that is for your own good. Exercise, meditate, take a long bath or do anything that you like. This will set your spirits high for the day.

5) Maintain a daily routine.
Always have a routine for the day. Plan every hour and have a list of things to do. This way, you would be organized and you will not run out of time.

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