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6 Best Ways to Engage Your Audience Through Facebook


Each and every single day, hundreds of millions of people log on to Facebook and spend (on average) 15 minutes a day checking out everything that this social media network has to offer – and Facebook has a tremendous amount of opportunity for smart and savvy business owners and marketers looking to cash in on this targeted traffic.

At the same time, you have to be smart about how you go about leveraging everything that Facebook has to offer. You need to make sure that you understand your ideal customer perfectly, how to reach them best, and how to capitalize on the advantages that Facebook has to offer to do exactly that. Here are some fundamental Facebook best practices you want to focus on moving forward.

1) Make the most of video content.
People are spending less and less time reading “longform” content on the web, but they just cannot get enough of video content – even if it is considerably longer than a minute or two. If you want to be able to tap right into your ideal market on Facebook you’re going to want to make sure that you are feeding them as much high-quality video content as possible to really move their interest needle.

2) Keep your content tight and focused.
The absolute worst thing you can do as a marketer today (anywhere, but especially on Facebook) is allow your content to kind of wind and meander from one topic to the next and with no real clear or concise call to action.

Instead you need to be sure that you are keeping your content tight, your content focused on the goal that you have in mind for that specific piece of content – and that specific piece of content only – and then allow it to do its job in the greater some of your marketing machine. Try to overwork each and every one of your Facebook posts and you find yourself in a pretty bad situation in a hurry.

3) Understand your market better than they understand themselves.
The fastest way to unbelievable success with online marketing (any marketing, really) is to understand your target market – and your perfect prospect/customer – better than they understand themselves.

When you really understand what makes them tick, really understand what they are looking to get out of your products and services, and why they want to purchase whatever it is they are looking to purchase from you, you have an almost unfair advantage in building marketing pieces on Facebook and everywhere else that helps you create a financial future most have only ever dreamed of.

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