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6 About Us Page Techniques to Get Customers


The majority of companies have an “About Us” page but it is incredibly rare that they understand the importance of this particular page. Customers can easily learn about the products and services that you offer just by reading the content that you put on it and with the help of the below tips, you can learn how to attract more loyal customers simply by having an “About Us” page.

Tip 1: It’s About the Customers

Always make sure that the content on this website pertains to what you can do to benefit your customers. No one really care about your business as they are more interested in what your business has to offer. It is your responsibility to persuade potential customers to buy products from your company that can fulfill their every need. Of course you can talk about yourself, but phrase it in a way that makes the customers want to buy from you.

Tip 2: Get to the Point

Don’t try to start your “About Us” page with generic information that the customer already knows, such as the name of your business. It is essential that you are able to get straight to the point and make your case to your audience, showing them that you are the best company that they should give their money to.

Tip 3: Telling a Story

One of the most interesting aspects of the human mind is its capacity to remember interesting information and stories. Stories are far more effective than generic informative articles. Get your team together and think of a great and exciting way to tell customers your story.

Tip 4: Give Direction

Giving your customer direction on where to go next is essential to ensure that you are able to seal the deal and have them officially make their purchases. As an example, provide a link in the middle of your text that will direct them to “buy this product now”.

Tip 5: Smaller the Better

Although you may be tempted to put a lot of information on your “About Us” page, it is incredibly simple to convey a message to your customers by using a limited amount of words. Sure, you’ve put a lot of hard work into your business but make sure that your customers know about this hard work in as little words as possible.

Tip 6: Test Pages

Before you publicly publish your “About Us” page, make sure that you sufficiently test it. Gather opinions from friends, family, and even potential customers to see how you can change your page to make it more effective.

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