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59 Staggering Social Media Statistics on the Big Nine


As one of the largest things to ever make an impact on the internet, social media is an essential tool for people who want to connect with friends and family members as well as businesses. As the years progress you would assume that the public’s interest in social media is dying down, when in reality it’s only getting stronger. As people start using these websites for other purposes, there is always a new realm of engagement.

1) The Growth of Social Media Users.
Social media first started to get traction in 2010 when websites such as Facebook only had 608 million active users. As the years progressed, newer websites started to develop and more people became aware of the benefits of social media. By 2015 there were over 1.960 billion people using social media at any time, with Facebook owning 1.5 billion of that traffic. Even smaller social media organizations such as LinkedIn still clocked around 97 million users by the start of 2015.

2) Demographics of Social Media Users.
It’s safe to say that relatively every type of person is interested in what social media has to offer regardless of age. The majority of social media users are between the ages of 18-29 as they take up 89% of social media traffic. In second place are users between 30 and 49 (82%), third are users 50 to 65 (65%), and fourth are users 65+ at 49%. The reason for such a small percentage of elderly users could arguably be as a result of them being unable to learn how to use modern technology or not having access to the internet. The majority of adult users enjoy spending their time on Facebook and LinkedIn with Twitter and Instagram being the least 2 popular social media sites.

3) The Popularity of Facebook.
One of the most common features of Facebook is that it is by far the most popular social platform to have ever hit the internet. In fact, over 47% of all internet traffic are users that are currently logged into Facebook. With over 1.55 billion users that are active on a monthly basis, they spend an average of 42 minutes every day going through posts from friends and family. The Facebook mobile application has become more popular than their desktop version, with 68% percent of users accessing the site through their smart phones and tablets and 32% through their desktop computers.

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