57 Good Catchy Craft Business Names

The median pay for a craft and fine arts artisan can average over $20 a hour with a slow industry growth rate of 3% foreseeable in the future. For those that embrace their skill set of creating pottery, glassware, textiles, and more; owning your own craft business can not only supplement your income but also allow you to embrace your true passion. The following collection of craft business names come from existing businesses and are intended to help inspire your own unique identity.

A Little Twisted
All in One Apron
Always September
Angelic Fragrances
Ark Animals
Art Quality Inc.
Bonke Crafts
Braided Art
Caleb Gifts Collection
Carpe Diem
Cooked Cousins
Creative Egg Designs
Diva Treva Soapworks
Ellie’s At
Esther’s Linen
Fennis Jewelry
Fired Up Pottery
Flights of Fancy
Flying Designs
Functional Footwear
Game Day Designs
Hand Painted Fabric Art
Harmony in Design
Just A Rumour
Lavender Heart
Lightley’s Wooden Toys
Little House
Lukkie Creations
Millers of White Gate
Patsy Ince Decoupage
Paula’s Tie Dye
Pearls & Gemstones
Pens for a Cause
Petite Boutique
Rose Wood Crafts
Second Time Around
Shady Deal
Soul Gems
Stonegate Candle Creations
Studio 9ten
Sunset Candles
The Basket Cache
The Daily Grind
The Puppet Farm
The Two of Us
Time Travels
Tiny Tops
Top of the Stairs
Waterwise Plants
Wendy Bell Framing
Wire Crafts
World of Wonder Designs

The following video highlights the success of a stationary crafter that decided to leave her permanent day job and start her own craft business.