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53 Fantastic Google Adwords Strategy Tips


Pay per click or PPC is an amazing concept. You get to post your ads on search engine result pages and on third party websites without paying anything upfront and you only pay a small sum of money when your ads get clicked. A marketing campaign cannot be more economic. However, since the concept is available to every business, including your competitors, you will have to fight stiff competition. It is quite possible that your competition will get to generate all the traction and your ads get no clicks whatsoever.

If you need to script a PPC success story, then you need to come up with a perfect strategy. It is not possible to perfect any strategy before you have tested it out. Only in hindsight can you call a strategy perfect. What you can and should do is use some of the following tricks.

1) Understand that PPC is Completely Keyword Driven.
The keywords you choose to target will determine which search engine result pages your ads will appear for. There are companies that target only the most relevant keywords, such as the obvious types of products or services, names of the products or plans. Some companies use associated keywords as well. For instance, if a company sells headphones then it can target the models of smart phones that are compatible or even the brands which are popular right now. It is necessary to target the right kind of audience. It is not a given that those who search for the keywords in question will always end up checking the ads targeting those keywords.

2. Market Research Will Play a Crucial Role in Determining the Success of Failure of Your PPC Campaign.
Not only should you find the best keywords, including long tail keywords, but you should also know what your competitors are up to. You must know the kind of offers they have put up, how many ads they have featuring on which sites and at what frequency. The more you know about your competition, the easier it would be for you to come up with the right content. From the choice of words to the kind of offers you wish to put forth, everything must be well planned.

3. Testing Will Lead You to Perfect Your PPC Campaign.
Test the content, offers, the redirecting of users, the landing pages you have, the social influence your ads have and the overall response, which would include assessment of traffic to feedbacks directly from prospective customers.

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