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52 True Beauty Quotes and Sayings

A listing of 52 beauty quotes and sayings that are timeless and focused on beauty inside and out.

“You’re beautiful no matter what anybody thinks.”

“Every one has his own beauty.”

“Pretty is as pretty does!”

“You are a beautiful cupcake in a world full of muffins.”

“You’re a pot of gold at the end of an amazing rainbow.”

“Beautiful is a person whose outside and inside world are in great concord, camaraderie and concert.”

“It’s the heart not the face that matters.”

“A real beauty is not that which has a polish all over the body but the natural skin and pure heart.”

“Live yourself as who you really are that will makes you beautiful.”

“Don’t judge a person for their beauty there may be ugly thoughts inside.”

“Don’t look at the beauty outside, look at the beauty inside.”

“How can you feel your beauty if you don’t have a pretty heart?”

“Beauty is what each of us sees in the things we value or love.”

“Beauty is but skin deep. Who wants to look any further anyway!”

“The beauty of a person is not what the outside carries but it what the inner part carries.”

“Busy with the the expensive success we forget the free beauty.”

“True beauty is exhibiting manners when someone is getting at you.”

“The heart can see what is invisible to the eye.”

“A woman knows she’s beautiful when her smile is her best curve!”

“No one is ugly just beautiful in their own ways!”

“Beauty is not immortal but good- heartedness is forever.”

“It doesn’t matter how you look the only thing that matters is who you are.”

“It is your imperfections that make you beautiful, in the eyes of someone who knows you by the heart.”

“Beauty is skin deep.”

“A woman whose smile is open and whose expression is glad has a kind of beauty no matter what she wears.”

“Only in suffering do we recognize true beauty.”

“One can overcome physical ugliness by sweet behavior and good acts, but an ugly character makes even beauty look ugly!”

“You are beautiful. Know this. Anyone who tells you otherwise is simply lying. You are beautiful.”

“There’s no such thing as ugly, just different kinds of beautiful.”

“Beautiful are not those whose face is beautiful, beautiful are those whose character is beautiful.”

“Beauty outside catches the eyes but the real beauty that lies within captures the heart.”

“You only see beauty when you want to see it.”

“Ugly people don’t exist.”

“Personality will last a life time. Beauty lasts for a little while.”

“Beautiful things, can be seen only by the eyes of those who see things beautifully.”

“Dimples on the face of the girl are more sweeter than sugar.”

“Happy girls are pretty girls.”

“Real beauty is not seen by looking at the person but by looking at the reflection they cast on others.”

“You are only as pretty as you are nice and smart.”

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever.”

“Beauty is whatever gives joy.”

“Beauty is like a passport it soon expires.”

“Beauty is everywhere, all you have to do is open your eyes and see.”

“Beauty always promises, but never gives anything.”

“Every woman is a model in the eyes of at least one man, it’s just that some take longer than others to find out who that one man is.”

“75% of girls think they’re ugly, 100% aren’t.”

“Superficial beauty catches the attention but natural beauty keeps it.”

“Everyone’s beautiful, its just some people don’t like to show it.”

“The best part of beauty is that which no picture can express.”

“Beauty isn’t in what makes you look at something the first time, but in what makes you look again.”

“I never found beauty in longing for the impossible and never found the possible to be beyond my reach.”

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