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53 Good Ideas for Graphic Design Company Names

Almost 30% of graphic designers in the industry are self employed. California and New York are among the few states with the highest employment rate. Internships are considered to be invaluable in the world of learning to be a graphic designer. The following collection of graphic design company names is meant to inspire your own ambition to enter this career. This list is from existing agencies around the United States.

2×4 Inc.
Adhere Creative
Advantage Graphics and Signs
Aesthetic Apparatus
Alpha Graphics
AM Design
Analytical Graphics, Inc.
B Squared Design Printing
Blue Ridge Graphics
Build a Sign
Choice Image Inc.
Click Here, Inc.
Cube Creative Design Inc.
Design Department Inc.
Domani Studios
Eclectic Studios, Inc.
Evolution Graphics Inc.
Full Moon Design Group
Future Primative Graphics
Graphic Creations, Inc.
Graphic Design Inc.
Graphic House Inc.
Graphic Lab Inc.
Graphic Visions
Graphics Systems Corporation
Impress Designs Inc.
Kitchen Sink Studios, Inc.
Lunar Media
MasterGraphics Inc.
Mentor Graphics Corporation
Meta Design
Mucca Design
Noble Desktop
Paragraph, Inc.
Phoenix Graphics Inc.
Pivot Design, Inc.
Prime Advertising and Design Inc.
Psyop Inc.
Schack! Inc.
Sign Expo
Signature Graphics, Inc.
Speedpro Imaging
Stevens Exhibits
Sull Graphics Inc.
Tell Your Tale
The Creative Group
The Marion Group
The Marketing Machine
The Print Shop
Three Cat Media
Zone Graphics
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The average graphic design entry level position required a Bachelors Degree to be qualified. Key skills such as typography, color theory, and page layout are essential to this industry. The infographic below outlines additional facts and statistics to grabbing yourself a graphic designer career.

Graphic Design Career and Industry Facts

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