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51 Real Catchy Garage and Yard Sale Slogans

Catching the eye of passerby’s on the weekend is made easier with a funny and unique yard sale sign. These great yard sale slogans are just some examples of crazy and funny ways people have attracted customers to stop and shop for some good bargains.

A State Sale.
Alley Sale.
Almost As Cheap as Dumpster Diving
Awesome Crap This Way.
Awesome Garage Sale This Way.
Back to the Yard Sale.
Bitter Divorce Sale.
Classy Crap This Way.
Crap, You May Need!
Desperate People Selling Desperate Things.
Don’t Miss This Yard Sale.
Douche Bag Yard Sale.
Episode 1: The Bargain Approaches.
Everything Must Go!
For Sale By Owner.
Garage Sale of a Lifetime.
Garage Sale. Free Beer.
Garage Thale.
Glamorous Merchandise, Fabulous Crap on Sale.
Going to Jail Sale.
Grandpa Finally Died Sale.
Grodge Sale.
Hello Deals.
Hoarders Paradise Ahead.
I Left My Wife & Kids Sale.
I Like Big Sales.
I Pity the Fool Who Doesn’t Stop.
Is It A Yard Sale?
It is So Big!
Junk You Need.
Moving Sale!
My Husband is Making me Sell it Sale.
My Independence Day Divorce Sale.
My Mom Purged.
My Psycho Grandma’s Garage Sale.
Neat Junk.
OMG! Look at that Sale.
Our Crap Could Be Your Crap.
Put Our Junk in Your Trunk Sale.
Stop at This Yard Sale.
Summer is on Sale.
The Mother of All Sales.
The Yard Sale of All Yard Sales.
Too Hot to Handle Sale.
Too Much Stuff Sale.
We’ve Got Gadgets and Gizmos Aplenty.
X-Wife Yard Sale.
Y U No Yard Sale. Buy Everything.
Yahd Friggin’ Sale.
Yarrrd Sale.
Your Invited to my Sale.

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