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51 Cute Girly Store Names

Reaching a female consumer base is made easier with a brand name that reflects the frill and glitter that is associated with women. These cute girly store names are just some examples of fun names that are reflective of feminine qualities.

All That Glitters
B for Boutique
Bella Boutique
Beyond the Alley
Big Drop
Bump Threads
Bun and Baker
Buttons and Bows
California Poppy
Cheeky Chic
Chic Chick
Classic Pretty
Enchant Cosmetics
Fashion Factory
Fashion Paradise
Florence Fashion
French Connection
Genie in a Bottle
Girl Cave
Glitz n Glam
Golden Girls
Gourdon Boutique
In the Ivy
Kiddo Threads
Ladies and Linen
Little Black Dresses
Little Lady Boutique
Love Potion
Mirror Mirror
Moda Bella
Mom Chic
Pink Lace
Pixie Dust
Play Dress Up
Pretty In Pink
Pretty Lady
Pretty Lovely
Sleek Chic
Ten Thousand Things
That One Place
The Cloakroom
The Reformation
The Wardrobe
Thistle & Clover
Uptown Girl
V2 Fashion
White Dahlia
Yo Mama Boutique

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