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51 Cool Class of 2025 Slogans

There is no bigger milestone you can make as a young adolescent than that of graduating from High School. After 12 years of hard word, commitment, and dedication, the honor of walking across the aisle is full of joy and a sense of accomplishment. These cool class of 2025 slogans will help the senior class celebrate during this special time.

2025 Crew.
2025, Kiss My Class Goodbye.
99 Problems But Ain’t 2025.
A Class Worth Waiting For.
A year to remember.
A year we won’t forget.
Ahead of the Rest, the Class of 2025 is the Best.
Be the Change You Want to See in the World.
Beginning From the End.
Being Great is Our Fate.
Best you’ve ever seen, Class of 2025.
Can’t Wait to Be ‘25.
Celebrate the present, Remember the past.
Class of 2025 break the mold, Our class is as good as gold.
Deuces! Class of ’25.
Down the Road Together.
End of an Era.
Forget the rest, class of 2025 is the best.
Fresher today, leaders of tomorrow.
Freshest of the Fresh – Class of 2025.
Glad to be a Grad.
Have No Fear – The Class Of 2025 Is Here!
If These Walls Could Talk.
It’s Graduation Time for 2025.
Live more, laugh more.
Livin’ the Dream. Class of 25.
Memories have passed but memories do last.
No more pencils, no more books, no more teachers’ dirty looks.
Our Class: One for all, one for all.
Our girls are stunning, our guys are cool, our time has come to rule this school.
Our lives are before us, the past is behind us, but our memories are forever with us.
Party hard, Rock and Roll, we’re the class you can’t control.
Proud member of 2025.
Rollin’ Out in 2025. We’re Never Coming Back Again.
Step aside while we rock the scene. Class of 2025 reigns supreme.
Straight Outta 2025!
The class of 2025 is a blast, a class like ours is unsurpassed.
The class of 2025 is divine. Shout it loud and make it shine.
The few… The proud… The seniors.
These memories of our past, sure were a blast.
Till the year is gone, let’s party on.
Truth be told Class of 2025 breaks the mold.
Uniform we wear, Together we are there, Unity we preach, Stars we shall reach.
Walking to a Different Beat.
We’re cool, We’re hot, We’re everything you’re not.
We’re makin’ the grade, we’re livin’ the dream, Class of 2025 reign supreme.
We’re so smart, We’re so fly, We’re the best, You can’t deny.
We’re the class that’s got everything, except brains.
We’re the class with pizazz.
We’re the class you love to hate, The class of 2025 sure are great.
You’re Looking At The Future.

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