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51 Clever Flute Slogans and Sayings

From string instruments to brass, there are many preferred sounds that musicians like to create. The flute is no exception. These clever flute slogans and sayings serve as the perfect example to the types of feelings and enjoyment that comes from participating in an orchestra or band.

A flute with no holes is not a flute.
Abso-Flute-Ly Amazing.
Broken heart is flute. I blow into the flute & design walking portrait with empty pen.
Don’t hate us ‘cuz we’re flutiful.
Dry bones make good flutes The Hollow Flute, from Voices Within The Ark Howard Schwartz, Jewish Poets.
Everyone who plays the flute should learn singing.
Flute – A long-range poking device.
Flute for the moon!
Flutes kick BRASS!
Flutes up front. Lesser instruments, please fall behind.
Flutes: Pretty & Perfect.
Halftime is game time.
Halftime is our time.
High notes, high class.
I am the hole on the flute that Gods breath flows through.
I can flutter tongue this.
It is not solid wood that can become a flute, but the empty reed.
It’s a band thing, you wouldn’t understand.
It’s Okay, I’m With The Band.
Just flute it!
Life is a living flute, yoga is the art of creating melody and rhythm in it.
Life is like a flute.
Make sure to get your daily dose of flutes & veggies.
Makes it interesting.
Merrily We Roll Along.
Mirror becomes a razor when it’s broken. A stick becomes a flute when it’s loved.
More than an adventure, it’s a way of life.
Music Only Makes Me Stronger.
Once upon a time, I picked up a flute and the rest is history.
One Band, One Sound.
Play the flute of felicity! You, yourself, are the melody.
Sometimes the break in your heart is like the hole in the flute.
Sorry, We Only Have One Volume.
Stay classy, not brassy.
Teach him how you will, a pig will never play the flute.
That’s what I do. I flute and I know things.
The Band’s With Us.
The breath of the flute player.
The flute is not an instrument that has a good moral effect. It is too exciting.
The flute of the infinite is played without ceasing, and it’s sound is love.
The football team plays the game, but the marching band.
The soft complaining flute, In dying notes, discovers The woes of hopeless lovers.
To blow is not to play on the the flute. You must move the fingers.
Touch not the flute when drums are sounding around; when fools have the word, the wise will be silent.
We can hear you air breathing.
Weapons of Mass Percussion.
Welcome to the Boneyard.
When the cook makes a mistake, it is the flute player who receives the blows.
Where flutes go, treble follows.
Where The Flutes Go, Treble Will Follow.

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