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51 Catchy Food Conservation Slogans

There are a limited amount of resources in the world. Meeting the global demand for food is strenuous on agriculture and has encouraged companies to come up with alternative solutions to food growth. These catchy food conservation slogans will inspire you to limit waste and be considerate towards preserving our food supply.

A nation could eat off the food we waste.
Buy wisely, cook carefully, eat it all.
Can all you can.
Don’t bite off more than you can chew.
Don’t let up. Keep saving food.
Don’t try food you never tasted before in big portions.
Don’t waste food.
Don’t waste food. It is like wasting one of the most precious things given by God to us.
Don’t waste good food.
Eat to live, not live to eat.
Food grows where the water flows.
Food is a weapon, don’t waste it.
Food is ammunition. Don’t waste it.
Food is simply sunlight in cold storage.
Food quality. Not food quantity.
Food safety involves everybody in the food chain.
Food thrift. Your patriotic gift.
Food waste, not in good taste.
From farm to plate, make food safe.
Further with food. Center for food loss and waste solutions.
Help us preserve food.
If you can’t finish it, share it with a person.
If you can’t reuse it, refuse it.
If you want to eat food, prevent soil erosion dude.
If you want to have food, conserve the soil dude.
Improving agriculture. Improving lives.
Let’s start conserving resources.
Make every drop of water count.
No food without soil.
No future in limited resources.
No junk. Know health.
Of course I can.
Please don’t waste food. Live simply, so that others may simply live.
Reduce your foodprint.
Save and serve the cause of freedom.
Save kitchen scraps and feed the hens.
Save money the easy way. Grow a garden.
Saving money the wise choice.
Serve our fighting men abroad. Conserve these services at home.
Store food properly so that it doesn’t get spoiled.
Take only what you can eat.
The root of all goodness lie in the soil of appreciation for goodness.
The world walks for water and sanitation.
Think, Eat, Save.
Today’s wastage is tomorrow’s shortage.
Wash your hands before handling food.
Waste not what the earth gives you.
Waste Note. Want Not. Prepare for Winter.
Water is the substance of life. Treasure it.
We want your kitchen waste.
You need determination to prevent food contamination.

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