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51 Catchy Fabric Company and Shop Names

Textiles and upholstery are an important part to the home furnishing industry. These great fabric company names are just some examples of the diversity of the industry. These serve as the perfect source of inspiration to start your own fabric company one day.

Advanced Fabric Technologies
Alexander Henry Fabrics
American Textile Company
American Velvet Co
Arena Design
Argu America
Ben Textiles Inc.
Best Upholstry
Blue Crab Quilt Co.
Charbonneau Interiors
Cinergy Textiles
Claremont Furnishing and Fabrics Company
Coated Fabrics
Corn Wagon Quilt
Design Company Fabrics
Design Tex Inc.
Eclat Textile Co.
Expo International
Fabric Art
Fabric Genomics
Fabric Selection Inc.
Family Fabric
Fedo Nitrogen
Global Safety Textiles
Hoffman California Fabrics
House of Fabrics
Huston Textile Company
Industrial Fabrics
Inter Deco USA
Kamla Textiles
Kravet Inc.
Luna Textile
Mesa Laminated Fabrics
Montgomery Quilt Company
New River Fiber Co.
Organic Fabric Company
Orr Textile Co.
Pacific Carbide Corporation
Precision Fabrics
Quality Fabrics and Supply Company
Sew Houston
Sky Headwear Designer
Standard Fabric International
Threaded Lines
Tray Tec Inc.
Us Medco
Weston Co.
Williamson Supply
World Class Textiles
World Linen & Textile Company
World Textile and Bag

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