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51 Catchy Avon Business Names for Groups and Reps

Considered as one of the largest direct sellers and the fifth largest beauty company, Avon has been bringing quality to customers worldwide for over a hundred years. These catchy Avon business names for groups and reps encapsulate the sale hungry mentality and high service level that is embraced by millions of worldwide representatives.

Business Bulldogs
Call Control
Caller Bros
Captains of Commerce
Cold Call Captains
Company Builders
Dynamite Dealers
Earning Eagles
Elite Group
Fast & Furious
Fast Talkers
Hot Shots
Hounds in the Pounds
Keep Calm & Sell On
Leaders of the Hunt
Lighning Bolts
Miracle Workers
Money Hungry
Money Makers
Peak Performers
Policy Profiteers
Power Brokers
Power Grabbers
Product Pushers
Profit Party
Prospect Powerhouses
Qualifying Leaders
Quota Crushers
Revenue Revelers
Risky Business
Sales Executors
Sales Express
Sales Mafia
Sales R Us
Sales Therapists
Sons of Strategy
Spin Sellers
Team Prosperity
Territory Tyrants
The Bottom Liners
The Generals
The Rat Pack
The Rock Stars
The Sellouts
The Target Markets
The Theory of Perfection
The Value Propositions
We Are Dynamite

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