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51 Catchy 5k Race Names

5K races offer the perfect opportunity to meet goals, support causes, and compete with others. These catchy 5k race names are just some examples from existing races to the types of themes you can create for your own 5k.

A Christmas Story Run
April Fool’s Day Twinkie Run
Armageddon Ambush
Bare Buns Fun Run
Been there, Run That
Beyond Defeat
Boring Marathon
Candence Counters
Dead on Arrival
Dirty Girl 5k Mud Run
Glazin’ a Trail Donut
Great Urban Race
Hell on Hills
Hot Chocolate 5K/15K
Hurt 100
Krispy Kreme Challenge
Legs Miserables
Long Distance Relay-tionship
Lost In Pace
Mr. and Ms. Santa Speedo Run
Mustache Dache
New York Hot Dog Challenge
NYC Pizza Run
Only Fools Run at Midnight
Reebok Spartan Race
Rock ‘n’ Roll Series
Rumpshaker 5K
Run Your Ice Off
Running Scared
Son of a Beach 5K
Superhero Scramble
The Bad Prom Run
The Blacklight Run
The Blubber Run
The Color Run
The Corndog Challenge
The Dam Train Race
The Electric Run
The Hillbilly Half Marathon
The Krispy Kreme Challenge
The Mustache Dache
The Run Forrest Run 5/10K
The Slime Run
The Sloppy Cuckoo 12 hour Challenge
The Texas Jiggle Butt Run
The Tribal Run
The Wicked Wine Run
The Zombie Mud Run
The Zombie Run
Warrior Dash

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