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51 Best Disc Golf Slogans and Sayings

A flying disc sport with a target in sight, is similar to golf and played on 9 and 18 hole courses. These disc golf slogans celebrate this alternative version of golf.

A Golfers Diet Consists of a Lot of Greens.
A Team Above All.
Addicted to Disc Golf.
All It Takes is All You’ve Got.
Basket Case.
Chicks with Sticks.
Clubbing At Its Besy.
Come to the Dark Side. We Play Disc Golf.
Disc Golf Addict.
Disc Golf Because It’s Cheaper Than a Therapy.
Disc Golf is a Feeling You Can’t Explain.
Disc Golf is my Lucky Word.
Disc Golf Makes Everything Better.
Disc Golf Matters.
Disc Golf. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.
Golf is 99% Failed to Win.
Golf is Our Favorite Course.
Golf is the Sport Where Your Most Feared Opponent is Yourself.
Golf Strong, Go Long.
Golf. The Art of Playing Fetch with Yourself.
Golfers Do it on the Green.
Grip it and Rip it.
I Always Keep my Eyes on the Ball.
I Didn’t Lose my Marbles. I Traded Them for Golf Balls.
I Golf Because the Voices in my Head Tell me to.
I Like Disc Golf and Maybe 3 People.
I Swing Both Ways.
If Its Gotta Be, It Starts With Me.
I’m Having a Rough Day.
It Puts the Disc in the Basket or it Gets to Throw Again.
It Takes a Lot of Balls to Golf the Way I do.
Just Throw It.
Keep Calm and Enjoy Disc Golf.
Life is Better Playing Disc Golf.
May the Course by with You.
My Golf Game is Improving. I Miss the Hole Nearer Now.
My Golf Score Seems to Improve Considerably When I Have the Score Card.
Never Let Good Enough Be Enough.
Play Like a Champion Today.
Refuse to Lose.
Respect All. Fear None.
Teamworks Makes the Dream Work.
The More We Practice the Luckier We Get.
The Most Important Shot in Golf is the Next One.
The Tree Giveth. The Tree Taketh Away.
There’s No Traffic on the Extra Mile.
Throw Long and Prosper.
To Win a Golf Match, Play the Course Not Your Opponent.
We Get Our Daily Dose of Iron.
Winning is a Habit, Success is a Choice.

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