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50 Must See Content Marketing Statistics

Content marketing is becoming more important than traditional marketing. Mainstream advertising is being replaced by online content marketing and any company that doesn’t engage in the latter right now is missing out on the exponentially growing online audience.

Importance of Content Marketing

Many companies are yet to realize the importance of content marketing. In this info-graphic slideshow, you would get to know how important a role content plays in all forms of marketing today. The virtual world is flooded with content. There is a reason why internet is known as the global information highway. With so much information available online, people seldom look for anything offline. Any business needs to capitalize on this penchant of people to look for solutions and information online.

A listing of the best content marketing trends to look out for in 2014 to help build your online presence

Content Marketing Trends 2014

Improving Your Current Presence Online

Content marketing plays a role in every facet of a company’s online presence. At the very outset, content marketing is at the crux of search engine optimization. The dominance of search engines is well known. Google and other search engines are the biggest source of online traffic. Any company looking for traffic from these sites would need to have a competitive website rank. This can only be achieved with search engine optimization. Content is the most potent tool in search engine optimization. Link building and all other facets of search engine optimization are less significant than content.

Best Media Formats

Content marketing is quintessential in social media marketing, social networking and even in video marketing. Blogging, which is a key player in generating online traffic, is almost entirely based on content. The associated slideshow shall show you how blogging can be transformed and how exactly content marketing can change the game of traffic sourcing and redirecting for your business.

Startups, small to medium enterprises and even conglomerates are all relying on content marketing to gain the much needed traction online. The purpose is to reach out to as many people as possible and there is no better or cheaper way to do so than with content marketing.

Some of the stats that you would discover in the info-graphic are mind boggling. Content marketing has already evolved to become an industry by itself. It would only grow stronger and become more effective as more people take to online solutions. Right from asking for a quick answer to a question to shopping, online activity is growing unprecedentedly. It would be unwise to not cash in on this with content marketing.

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