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50 Fashion Faux Pas that Men Make When Getting Dressed


10 Mistakes Guys Make While Getting Dressed

The number one mistake guys make while getting dressed is being similar to George Costanza. Downsize your wallet by only carrying the things you will really need for that day. A nice pair of chinos can look horrible if you have a bulgy back pocket messing up the silhouette.

Number two mistake is when guys tie their dress shoes wrong. Here’s how to tie a reef know: make your first know, slip the right loop behind the left lace, then pull the left lace through. As a result, you should have a flat, horizontal, balanced knot.

Number three is guys should not wear flip flops! They should not wear flip-flops anywhere but the beach, college shower, or pool, really. This was never a good look. Just think about that sound they make when you’re walking around. It is like the sound a truck makes to warn people it’s about to back up, except this alerts the world that you are a douche.

Number four, guys should not use a blow-dryer. Still using a blow-dryer. What is this, 1985? Pauly D aside, no man should ever touch one of these things. Blow-dryers dry your hair out very much and there are a lot of male-specific grooming products out there to keep your head in check.

Number five is sport coats versus suit coats. The difference between a versatile sport coat and a proper suit jacket? Color and cut. Casual blazers look great in versatile navy’s or gray’s. They’ll also give you a lot more motion than you could get from your typical suit jacket.

The sixth mistake a guy makes when getting dressed and color matching kicks and clothes. Don’t focus too much on matching your sneakers and gear. It makes you look like you’re trying too hard. Worry about making sure your colors don’t clash.

Number seven is the bad idea of wearing jeans. Your sleek hard bottoms or sick new sneakers would look better with a pair of slimmer, straight leg jeans. We are not recommending skinny jeans, but wear something that doesn’t completely cover up your shoes.

Number eight is packed pockets. Ugly bulges on guys do not a look good. Slim cargo pants are fashionable, but side pockets are more decorative, than useful for hiding your flask.

Number nine extra long sleeves. A shirt cuff should end where your wrist meets your palm and just barely over your watch. A tailor can fix this. Having your hands swallowed by a sleeve makes you look like you’re wearing your dad’s shirt. Not a good look.

Number ten is having a cologne cloud. Do not walk into mist of cologne. Spraying cologne on your pulse points to help the scent last longer, and a spritz behind the ears goes a long way with the ladies.

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