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50 Best 5th Grade Class President Campaign Slogans

Being a fifth grader is exciting. With just one grade away from middle school, this grade serves as an important preparatory time. These best 5th grade class president campaign slogans serve as the perfect example to the types of ways you can promote this next election season.

Aim high.
AvocaDON’T throw your vote away.
Be a good sport. Vote for (name).
Be a Pal. Vote for this gal.
Building bridges.
Catch the wave.
Dare to believe.
Don’t Blow it. Vote for (name)
Donut Delay. Vote (name) for President Today.
Fantastic ideas.
Faster. Better. Stronger.
Filled with hope.
Focused on results.
Free drinks on me.
Free your mind.
Full of good ideas.
Giving it my all.
Giving you a voice.
Go with a proven winner.
Grow. Share. Believe.
Here to serve you.
Hey Peeps, Vote (name) for Student Council.
I am fishing for votes.
I’ve got your back.
Ideas that matter.
If you want success, vote for the best.
I’m the missing piece.
Imagine something better.
In the footsteps of giants.
It will be a brighter day.
Jump on the bandwagon.
Let’s Taco-Bout Voting 4 (name)
Let’s Take Fifth Grade Up, Up, and Away.
No regrets.
Oh Snap. Vote (name).
Open door policy.
Pay it forward.
Protect this house. Vote (name).
Qualities of greatness.
Reach for the sky and vote for this guy.
Ready to Lead.
Realize your potential.
Running to win.
Saving the day.
Seize the day.
Shine on! Shine on!
Take note on the right vote.
The Right Choice.
This looks like a job for Captain (name).
We can do it.

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