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5 Website Colors that Affect Consumer Spending


Colors play a very important role in everyone’s life. Every person in the world has a fascination for colors. Some people realize it and some people don’t. A person may be obsessed with colors or one may be slightly influenced by it. While the degree of influence may vary, the fact is inarguable that colors play a role in more ways than what one normally concedes.

Colors can affect everything. They can affect moods, ambiances, lights and sales. The latter is what is of relevance here. How Colors Affect Your Conversion Rate is an info-graphic that sheds light on how you can use colors to an intended effect. You may want to increase the traffic to your website, you may want more people to spend longer times on your website, you may wish to have your audience directed or redirected to certain specific portions of a webpage and you may also intend to sell products of certain colors. No matter what you want, what your present conversion rate is and what target you have set for your business, colors can have a considerable degree of influence. The influence may be positive or negative. Hence, one has to be conscious of colors even if it doesn’t gain significance otherwise. Even if you don’t use colors to your advantage, you should ensure that you are not making way for colors to work towards your disadvantage.

People have different kinds of preferences. A man will have a preference of certain colors for his suits. A woman may want to drive a car of a certain color. A child may want a schoolbag of a certain color. Whether people realize or not, everyone makes decisions that have some influence of colors. If you explore your wardrobe, check out the furniture and paints in your home, the color of the appliances, fabrics and linen in your home, then you will come across a pattern. You will have subconsciously, if not intentionally or consciously, chosen certain items that have a specific shade or hues.

By enticing people with colors they prefer, a company can always improve the bottom line. While a product will get sold by the virtue of its features, utility, specs and price among others, a color of preference for the buyer is always a bonus. That’s what fuels conversions. That slight push which is so important when a customer is at the brink of indecisiveness can change the game of conversion rates.

The biggest challenge companies face to achieve a desirable conversion rate is the indecisiveness of customers. Every customer reaches a stage when he or she is unable to decide. That may not always be due to a problem with the product or the fact that the customer is not interested in buying. It may simply be a sense of confusion or uncertainty which is pretty natural and quite obvious. Colors can be used, quite smartly and effectively, in such situations to drive the sales home.

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