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5 Ways to Promote Your Business with Snapchat


A small business can and should use every affordable and available medium. A small business doesn’t have the financial strength to be everywhere and anywhere it desires. A Pepsi or a Nike can hog all the limelight on television. An Apple or a Chevy can take up the billboard space across your city. From dominating the airwaves to being omnipresent in your home, big brands have a way to invade every realm of our world. Small businesses cannot use such strategies. Fortunately, there is social media and the likes of Snapchat. Before we discuss how you should use Snapchat, let us quickly check why you should use it in the first place.

1) Snapchat has more than a hundred million people using the social network every day.
Mostly aged between thirteen and thirty, the millennial generation typically uses the social network for around half an hour and more than four hundred million snaps are created, posted and shared every day. More than three fourth of all college students are using the network. There are a total of seven billion views of videos on Snapchat and it is a private social network, not as invasive and open as Facebook or Twitter. Snapchat allows you make short videos or you can upload photos with or without texts. These are called snaps. You can share these snaps with your friends. Now, how should you use Snapchat?

2) A small business needs a very well defined target audience.
Given the demographics and the millennial generation you get to target, the audience is well defined to begin with. You can plan promotions specifically for Snapchat. You can create a snap to promote a coupon or a giveaway. Post the coupon and let the social network weave its magic. Before you know it, a massive audience would have already heard of your offer and many would have already cashed in on the coupon. The millennial generation is the fastest sharer and they love talking about what they find online.

3) Create a closed group or private following.
With a closed group, you can always share secrets, offer sneak peeks of behind the scenes operations and you can offer specials. The world would perhaps get to know anyway once the news is broken but you get to offer exclusives to those on Snapchat. That makes you a dear brand and you would grow your following on Snapchat.

4) Snapchat is not just about sales or promotions.
You can also just connect with your audience. Just posting a short video of an employee having fun with your product or service can launch a viral campaign where your customers make similar videos and share them through Snapchat.

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