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5 Ways to Measure Social Media Effectiveness and ROI


5 Social Media Metrics that Won’t Slow You Down

Dating back in the past, the majority of businesses greatly relied on the use of social media. Almost ninety-four percent of the major businesses are using a special form of social media in engaging more customers and promoting the brand.

Although companies run through mastering the social media, the analytics of social media remains to be a deep struggle to some. In fact, a lot of businesses further continue making their efforts to basically acquire a full understanding of the (ROI).

Define Your Company Goals

In becoming successful, companies must be directed in defining their set of goals on social media. They must deeply learn more about the online audience. Most importantly, they must further realize that the social media is not considered as a sprint, but a marathon.

Furthermore, a lot of businesses are racing in making use of social media. They enforce strong efforts to mainly attain the goals of success and achievement. In fact, almost ninety-four percent of the businesses are known to use social media. Eighty-seven percent that make use of social media are B2B brands and eighty-four percent of which are B2C Brands. They further continue to use social media for almost three years.

As per the B2C Brands, they are making use of social media or social networking sites such as Facebook (being on top), Twitter (being second), YouTube (comes third) and LinkedIn (being the last). Apart from it, B2B brands mainly rely on LinkedIn (as on top), Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google+.

Increasing Usage Trends

In most businesses, the trends as of the present year include an increase in the usage of social networking sites. Seventy-two percent of the businesses plan to increase their usage of social media on Facebook, while sixty-nine percent plan to increase their usage on Twitter and sixty-seven percent also plan to further increase the Google activities.

On the other hand, B2C and B2B brands are listed to be always depending on the use of social media because of various reasons. The business exposure is one of the topmost reasons for mainly eighty-five percent of the businesses. Eighty-five percent of the businesses make use of social media for business exposure. Apart from it, sixty-nine percent of businesses rely on social media to further increase traffic that results to even higher income and sales.

Top Social Media Metrics

Truly, the five social media metrics are useful in improving and measuring the use of social media. As mentioned, it must not be considered as a sprint but a marathon. The five metrics are reliable in measuring the optimum success of a particular business.

1. The competitiveness is one of the five metrics wherein there is a need to understand the stand of other competitors in terms of share of the voice, engagement and followers.

2. The share of voice comes as the second metric wherein the percentage of the brand being mentioned should be measured.

3. Referral traffic is the third metric to measure upon. Basically, this is about the number of traffic that comes from the social media. Learning more about the ten URL’s and top content snapshot is further important to increase more traffic.

4. Engagement is the fourth metric to measure that includes the mentions, shares, likes, retweet and tweet ratio.

5. The brand reach is the fifth metric that focused on the fan or follower count.

Benefits of Social Media

On the other hand, the time is also significant to win the social media marketing. More so, all businesses spending their time on the social media further see the best and significant results.

Businesses have seen even the biggest increase in traffic for six to ten weeks. For three to four years, an increased and improved sale on the social media is expected. Social media also assists in creating new partnerships and in increasing fan base.

Apart from it, building newer leads are usually higher through the help of social media for six hours over a week. A year of using social media further results on increased search engine rankings. Lastly, the business intelligence is achieved with the gains seen for only eleven hours a week.

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