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5 Vital Welcome Email Optimization Tips


I found the original infogrpahic at this website.

Here is a look at the top points to remember from this infographic…

1) Send Welcome Emails Immediately And From a Real Email Address.
When compared to bulk email spam, welcome emails have over 300% greater chance of being read through by your target audience. In addition, there is a much greater chance that the content of your welcome email will influence their purchasing decisions in the future. When sending a welcome email, you have a much better chance of having it read if you send it right away. Send it within a few minutes of when the person signs up if possible. In addition, make sure the email is coming from a real email address, as opposed to a ‘no reply’ address. A ‘no reply’ address suggests that this is a one-way conversation where the individual on the other end has no potential for contacting you. While this is just a perception, it has the power to influence people and leave a sour taste in their mouth.

2) Include Sales And Information In Your Subject Line.
One of the best ways to capitalize on your welcome email is to provide information on current sales in the subject line of your email. While additional information can always be included before, being given a welcome email makes people feel happy and included. At this point, they are more likely to respond to sales and either purchase more or put items aside for future purchase. In addition, all other bulk email marketing from now on will have a better chance of reaching them.

3) Beware The Spam Filters With These Helpful Suggestions.
Maximizing the content of a welcome email means running into the problem of having spam messages filter out your message. As a result, there should be several things that you are aware of during this process. First, do not use excessive capital letters as this will trigger spam filters. There are also a number of spam trigger words that you may want to watch out for, including prize, free, bonus, buy, purchase, and order.

4) Stay True To Your Message.
Remember that while the welcome email is a great way to further market to your new an interested consumer, the letter itself should never be perceived as anything but a generous thank you. You should include information relating to your privacy policy, as well as information on how to unsubscribe if the person is inclined. In addition, you should request information that may make it easier to communicate in the future.

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