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5 Unique Sales Prospecting Techniques


Every company will have to deal with rejection. Some companies storm back to their boardrooms, come up with strategies that will change their fortunes and follow through with impeccable prosecution. Many companies fail to understand what works against their best interests. It is necessary to boil down the larger pictures to the nitty-gritty. It is very easy to infer that the product doesn’t work in a particular city or that it was not a great time for the service, it has been a tough year or that the people don’t want a particular product/service.

Generalizing, developing perceptions not based on facts and not delving into the details will always keep you away from the reality why your sales prospects are turning you down. Let us explore three simple realities which will help you to have a more lucid understanding.

1) It Is Absolutely Possible That You Are Targeting the Wrong People.
The big brands that you trust spend a lot of money and effort in identifying the audience that will be the most receptive to its products or services. You cannot go to town trying to sell your product or service to anybody and everybody. Not a single brand in the world has every person in a city or even neighborhood as its customer; let aside a state or a country. You will have to make products for a particular audience and you must only try to impress those people. Even the products that are meant for the masses get rejected by a huge section of the ordinary populace. You must get into the tiniest or apparently the least significant detail that is relevant to describe your target audience. From financial profiles to purchase history, age to gender, social strata to lifestyle, everything matters.

2) You Must Understand That Even if Your Product is One of the Best in a Niche, it Still May Not Be Right for Your Audience.
For some people, the aesthetics may be disinteresting, for some it could be the price and for some the specs may fall short of expectations. You cannot consider the entire target audience as one club where everyone has exactly the same sensibilities and thus your products or services will not suit everyone in your target audience. Now, whether you tweak your product or make it appear as an ideal choice for your audience is up to you.

3) It is Possible That Your Sales Prospects Are Turning You Down Simply Because They Don’t Want to Make the Purchases Right Now.
Anytime is not the right time for a sale. Your audience may be undecided, they may need some time or perhaps they need some more convincing. You have to accept that timing plays a role in sales.

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