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5 Simple Ways to Meditate at Work


It only takes 20 minutes of meditation each day for you to gain its numerous benefits. Trying to carve out that time while at work can be a difficult task, but not an impossible one. Here are some ideas to help you find the time you may need.

1) Meditate While Hydrating.
You should be getting up once per hour to get something to drink. Grab a glass of water, sit at your desk for a couple of minutes, and do so with a perspective of mindfulness. If you spend just 2 minutes doing this each hour, you’ll create 16 minutes of potential meditation time.

2) Stop to Breathe.
You can also sit back in your chair once per hour to close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Spending two minutes doing this activity will also create a potential 16 minutes of meditation time.

3) Moments of Kindness.
Take a small portion of time during your breaks to wish kindness upon others. This form of meditation improves the quality and intensity of positive emotions. If you spend 3 minutes during each break, you’ll create 9 minutes of meditation time.

4) A Diary of Happiness.
Before getting back to work after lunch, take a little time to record your thoughts on what made you feel happy that morning. Acknowledge each moment and hold the memory in the present for a couple of moments. Doing this activity can create up to 5 minutes of meditation time.

5) Scan Yourself.
You may find that stressful days make it difficult to focus on small moments of meditation. When this happens, go find a quiet room during your morning or afternoon break. Spend the time focusing on yourself. Pay attention to parts of the body that don’t feel good, then think about making them feel better. This may give you 10-15 minutes of meditation time.

6) Take a Walk.
You can also meditate when you are walking. Be mindful of the environment. Focus on your breathing. Put the phone away. If you spend half of a 30-minute lunch break doing this, you’d take care of 15 minutes of daily meditation.

There are plenty of ways to find time to meditate during the day. You must choose to carve out the time. These ideas can help you get started on that process.

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